A critical vulnerability, CVE-2023-3810, has been discovered in Hospital Management System 1., a popular software platform used by hospitals and healthcare facilities to manage their operations. This vulnerability affects the unknown code of the file patientappointment.php and could potentially lead to sensitive patient information being leaked, unauthorized access, and manipulation of data.

The vulnerability has been assigned the identifier VDB-235078 and has been disclosed to the public. This post will provide details about the vulnerability, the affected code, how it can be exploited, and links to original references for further information.

Vulnerability Details

The vulnerability within the Hospital Management System 1.'s patientappointment.php file is an SQL injection vulnerability. SQL injection is a type of attack where an attacker can inject malicious SQL statements into the application, which may result in unauthorized access to sensitive data, data manipulation, or other unintended consequences.

The SQL injection vulnerability in the patientappointment.php file is caused by improper handling of user input in the following arguments:


- dob


When these arguments are not properly sanitized, it allows an attacker to manipulate the SQL query and potentially execute malicious commands.

Exploit Details

The attack can be initiated remotely, and the exploit has been disclosed to the public, which means that attackers may already be using it. To exploit the vulnerability, an attacker can craft a malicious request containing the injected SQL code and send it to the patientappointment.php file.

Here's a code snippet demonstrating the potential vulnerability

$loginid = $_POST['loginid'];
$password = $_POST['password'];
$mobileno = $_POST['mobileno'];
$appointmentdate = $_POST['appointmentdate'];
$appointmenttime = $_POST['appointmenttime'];
$patiente = $_POST['patiente'];
$dob = $_POST['dob'];
$doct = $_POST['doct'];
$city = $_POST['city'];

$query = "INSERT INTO patientappointments (loginid, password, mobileno, appointmentdate, appointmenttime, patiente, dob, doct, city) 
VALUES ('$loginid', '$password', '$mobileno', '$appointmentdate', '$appointmenttime', '$patiente', '$dob', '$doct', '$city')";

In this example, the variables are directly passed to the SQL query without any sanitization, leaving the application vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

To mitigate this vulnerability, developers should use prepared statements or other secure ways to handle user input and sanitize the data before using it in an SQL query.

Original References

For more information about this vulnerability, its impact, and possible mitigations, please refer to the following original references:

1. Vulnerability Database - VDB-235078
2. Hospital Management System 1. - Official Website
3. SQL Injection Prevention - OWASP


CVE-2023-3810 is a critical SQL injection vulnerability found in Hospital Management System 1., affecting the patientappointment.php file. It is essential for developers and cybersecurity professionals to be aware of this vulnerability and take appropriate measures to secure their systems and protect sensitive patient information. As always, follow best practices for secure coding, stay updated with the latest security news, and report any new vulnerabilities found.


Published on: 07/21/2023 04:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 07/26/2023 21:19:00 UTC