In the world of computer security, one term often mentioned is Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). This is a type of vulnerability that, if exploited, can lead to serious security issues in web applications. Today, we will talk about a stored XSS vulnerability that has been discovered in GrandPlugins Direct Checkout – Quick View – Buy Now for WooCommerce plugin versions up to and including 1.5.8.

This vulnerability has been assigned the CVE identifier CVE-2023-47657. Here, we will explore how this vulnerability works, what its potential impact can be, and steps that can be taken to fix and prevent further exploitation.


GrandPlugins Direct Checkout – Quick View – Buy Now for WooCommerce is a popular plugin created to make the checkout process faster and more reliable for online stores using WooCommerce. This plugin boasts over 10,000 active installations and has been well-received by users.

Exploit Details

CVE-2023-47657 refers to a stored XSS vulnerability found in the authentication system (ShopManager+) of the plugin. The vulnerability allows an attacker to inject malicious code into the website in a way that it gets stored and executed later when an authenticated user, usually a Shop Manager or Administrator, interacts with the affected page. In other words, it may allow the attacker to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data and perform unwanted actions on the website.

The issue lies within the plugin's improper handling of user-supplied input data, particularly in the 'label_pay_now', 'buy_now_label', 'quick_view_label', and 'button_text_label' fields within the plugin's settings page. When these fields are filled by an attacker, the input is not sanitized or filtered, allowing the attacker to insert arbitrary HTML and JavaScript code. The injected code gets stored and executed later when an authenticated user interacts with the settings page.

Proof of Concept

To demonstrate the exploit, let's assume the attacker decides to inject a simple JavaScript alert into the 'button_text_label' field.

In the 'button_text_label' field, the attacker inputs the malicious JavaScript code

<button onclick="alert('XSS Attack!')">Click Me!</button>

The attacker saves the settings.

Now, when an authenticated user, such as a Shop Manager or Administrator, visits the plugin's settings page, the injected script will execute, causing an alert pop-up with the message "XSS Attack!"


To mitigate this vulnerability, it's crucial to update the plugin to version 1.5.9 or later, which has been patched to address this specific issue. You can download the updated version of the plugin from the following link:

To further protect your WooCommerce store from similar vulnerabilities, consider the following best practices:

Regularly review and monitor website logs for suspicious activity.

5. Consider using security plugins or services to monitor your website and prevent potential vulnerabilities.


CVE-2023-47657 is a serious Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability that has been identified in the GrandPlugins Direct Checkout – Quick View – Buy Now for WooCommerce plugin. It targets authenticated users and can lead to access to sensitive data and unauthorized actions on affected websites. By understanding the exploit details, updating the plugin, and following best practices to secure your WooCommerce store, you can ensure a safer, more secure online shopping experience for your customers.


Published on: 11/14/2023 00:15:07 UTC
Last modified on: 11/21/2023 01:31:09 UTC