Vim is a widely-used, open-source command-line text editor that allows users to efficiently perform tasks such as creating, editing, and managing text files. Recently, a new vulnerability (CVE-2023-48237) was discovered in the application, which could potentially lead to integer overflow, thereby causing application crashes and other undesirable consequences. The impact of this vulnerability is considered to be low, as user interaction is required and not all instances result in system crashes. Nonetheless, it is important for Vim users to be aware of this issue and take the necessary precautions. This article provides a comprehensive overview of CVE-2023-48237, including code snippets, links to original references, and details about the exploit and its mitigation.

Code Snippet

In affected versions of Vim, the vulnerability can be triggered when shifting lines in operator pending mode using a very large value, such as:

:normal! 100000000000V><

This command may cause an integer overflow due to improper handling of large values while shifting lines.

Original References

For further information about this vulnerability and the associated patch, refer to the official Vim repository on GitHub:

- Issue:
- Patch:

Exploit Details

As mentioned earlier, the exploit requires user interaction, specifically the user must perform a line-shift operation with a large enough value to cause an integer overflow. The impact of this vulnerability is relatively low, as it may not lead to a crash in all cases, and malicious actors would have a difficult time exploiting this issue for any nefarious purposes without direct user involvement.


To address this vulnerability, Vim developers have released a patch in response to the discovery of CVE-2023-48237. The patch, which is included in Vim version 9..2112, resolves the issue by properly handling large values when performing line-shift operations. Users are strongly advised to upgrade their Vim installation to version 9..2112 or later to protect themselves from potential negative effects associated with this vulnerability.

There are no known workarounds for CVE-2023-48237, and upgrading to the latest version of Vim is the best course of action to ensure the security and stability of your text editing environment. Users who are unable or unwilling to upgrade their Vim installation should exercise caution when performing line-shift operations with large values.


CVE-2023-48237 is a low-impact vulnerability associated with integer overflow in Vim's line-shifting functionality. While the exploit requires user interaction and may not necessarily result in a system crash, it is still recommended that users upgrade to Vim version 9..2112 or later to minimize the risk. By staying informed and vigilant, users can ensure that their Vim installations remain secure and resilient against potential threats.


Published on: 11/16/2023 23:15:09 UTC
Last modified on: 01/25/2024 21:33:53 UTC