In today's digital era, security of a user's data has become one of the most critical issues faced by developers. With tech giants continuously working on providing a secure platform, vulnerabilities are bound to be detected from time to time. One such vulnerability, known as CVE-2022-22594, comes with a potential risk for the users as it can allow a hacker to gain access to sensitive information present on a user's device.

In this post, we'll take a deep dive into the CVE-2022-22594 vulnerability, discussing its impact, code examples, links to original references, and exploit details, along with the necessary updates required to mitigate this issue.

CVE-2022-22594: The Technical Overview

The CVE-2022-22594 vulnerability arises due to a cross-origin issue in the IndexDB API. The vulnerability's impact lies in the exposure of sensitive user information that could be easily tracked by a malicious website. The consequences of this vulnerability would have far-reaching effects, including potential information theft, user tracking, and unauthorized access to personal data stored on the user's device.

Here is a brief description of the vulnerability details

Component: IndexDB API
Vulnerability: Cross-Origin Tracking Issue
Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) Base Score: 4.2 (Medium)
Fixed In: iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3, watchOS 8.4, tvOS 15.3, Safari 15.3, macOS Monterey 12.2
CVE ID: CVE-2022-22594

Understanding the IndexDB API and the Vulnerability
The IndexDB API allows web applications to store data using an indexed database, which makes it easy to search and retrieve data efficiently. It's primarily aimed at handling large amounts of structured data and operates asynchronously to prevent any blockages in the application.

The vulnerability, CVE-2022-22594, is a cross-origin issue within the IndexDB API that is triggered due to improper input validation. As a result, a malicious website may exploit this vulnerability and use it to track the sensitive information of users.

Exploit Details

Unfortunately, the exact exploit details and code snippets for this vulnerability cannot be shared in this article. Exposing such information to the public could potentially increase the risk of exploitation. However, the critical thing to understand is that this issue arises because of insufficient input validation in the IndexDB API, making it possible for a compromised website to track users' data.

References and Original Source

Here are some essential links for original references and updates related to the CVE-2022-22594 vulnerability:

1. Apple's Security Update Page:

2. NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) Entry for CVE-2022-22594:

Mitigation Steps

To mitigate this vulnerability and ensure your devices are secure from potential tracking and data theft by malicious websites, you must update your affected devices to the latest software versions as mentioned below:

Safari Browser: Update to Safari 15.3.

By updating your devices to these versions, you'll have the necessary security patches that address the CVE-2022-22594 vulnerability.


The acknowledgment of the CVE-2022-22594 vulnerability and its subsequent patches in various Apple devices showcases the importance of ensuring security in the current digital landscape. By understanding the technical aspects of the vulnerability and applying the appropriate software updates, you can keep your sensitive information safe from the potential compromise posed by this cross-origin issue in the IndexDB API. Stay vigilant, stay updated, and keep your data secure.


Published on: 03/18/2022 18:15:00 UTC
Last modified on: 03/28/2022 16:40:00 UTC