CVE-2022-22788 The installer for the Zoom Opener is downloaded by users when they try to join a meeting without the Zoom Meeting Client installed.

CVE-2022-22788 The installer for the Zoom Opener is downloaded by users when they try to join a meeting without the Zoom Meeting Client installed.

The issue was identified by Microsoft and a fix has been included in the current version 5.10.3 and is being released to end users as part of the regular software updates. This issue has been classified as critical and has been assigned the Microsoft Common Vulnerability Medium (CVE) ID: CVE-2018-8574. A fix has been released to all major hosting platforms including Zoom. We strongly recommend all end users update to the latest version 5.10.3 of both Zoom Rooms and the Zoom Meeting Client to protect themselves against this vulnerability.

What is the Zoom Meeting Client?

The Zoom Meeting Client is a Windows application that enables remote meetings and appointments. The client enables participants to connect from different computers, operating systems, or devices, even if they are not directly on the same network. If you are using Windows 10, 7, 8 and/or Vista (or later), you can download the Zoom Meeting Client from
The Zoom Meeting Client is not compatible with Windows XP or earlier versions of Windows operating systems or with Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier versions of Mac OS X

How to Update Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms is a video conferencing and online meeting software that allows users to join meetings from their desktops or mobile devices. If you are using the Zoom Meeting Client, it will prompt you to update automatically when the new version is available. To update your computer, please follow these steps:
1) Ensure Zoom Rooms is closed
2) Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zoom\Client\ZoomClient" and delete the entire contents of this folder
3) Open Zoom Rooms and wait for it to update. Please note that if you are using Windows 10, you need to restart your computer in order to complete this process
4) Once updated, open Zoom Rooms again and log in as usual

Is my meeting software version 5.10.3?

To find out which version of the Zoom Meeting Client you are running, please open your software and click on the About tab. If you have not received an automatic update yet, please download the latest version from our website.
If you have lost access to your meeting, please contact our support team for assistance.

How to Update Zoom Room and Meeting Client Software

There are two methods for updating the latest versions of Zoom Rooms and the Zoom Meeting Client.
To update manually, download the latest version of the software and install it.
To update through automatic updates, go to Control Panel > Updates and Security, click Check for Updates. You can also use this method if you have applied a Windows Update that has bundled the fix.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms is a software application for meeting rooms and video conferencing. This software application allows users to host meetings with up to 150 attendees.


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